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​ With this option, you get personalized, one-on-one attention. No matter what your fitness goals may be,  this is the best quality for your money. 

For those that want to train in their own homes, this is the option for you.

Packages of 10 or 20 sessions can be purchased or you can opt for monthly deals starting at $150 per month. 


​A more budget friendly option: If you don't mind sweating hard with someone else, and if you like it even...this option is for you!

Get with a friend, co-worker, mom, sister, brother,  or spouse to train.  Don't have anyone in mind to work out with? No problem. Sign up anyway and I'll pair you with someone who has similar goals and abilities. It's a great way to meet others who you can motivate and also be motivated by.

Packages of 10 or 20 sessions can be purchased or you can opt for monthly deals starting at $100 per month.

These rates apply to Online Training *NEW*


This is an option for companies who want to promote good health within their company as well as those individuals who like to work out in a group setting.  Group sessions are booked periodically as requested. Healthier individuals are less likely to call in "sick," and are more energized to perform their job duties due to lower stress levels...

Book a "Biggest Loser" or "Get Fit" program within your company today!

Look for upcoming group trainings, Bootcamps and kids group training.

Training Options...




When performing only cardio there are a couple of problems you run into.  One is that you only burn some calories while on the machine, but you virtually stop burning calories once you stop the movement.  And secondly, most people are simply not working out hard enough. When going only at a steady pace, the heart rate doesn't get high enough, and you must continue the workout for a longer period to really get enough calories burned. It's like a sprinter versus a long distance runner. Sprinters fire up fast twitch muscles (large muscles that require a lot of energy to use) and can only go for a short period of time, whereas long distance runners go steady for long periods of time because it requires less energy. In addition, you have more of an "afterburn" the harder you perform any activity. What this means is, you are burning more calories after the workout just to bring your body back to a resting state. If you have tried gyms and working out time and time again, but have never received the desired results you wanted, your style of training may be the reason why.


Weight training is primarily the most important activity you can do.  Your muscles get fired up and you burn calories not only while performing the lifting itself, but most importantly, because muscle is "active" it must fuel itself by "feeding on fat" all day long. This is the most important part! When you pack on muscle, you make your body a metabolic machine! This is the key to losing weight, getting healthy and staying healthy!!


Building muscle is also important for your joints as it keeps them protected and less inflammed, as well as helps with balance, coordination and bone density. All of these factors are important for your health at ANY age, and especially AS we age.

Ladies... building muscle is the key to not only losing and keeping the weight off, but changing your body shape.  You may lose some weight working out on machines and cutting back your food intake, but in the past, have you always gained the weight back? Have you always had a hard time keeping a balance throughout your busy life? Building muscle changes this and it also creates that feminine tone and shape. However, you must not be afraid to lift heavy weights. You will NOT get bulky! We simply do not have the testosterone to build muscle like a man, and unless you're using enhancing drugs, you just can't put on that kind of "bulk."

My style of training combines the intense bursts of cardio along with resistance training. This may include machines, dumbells, resistance bands...etc. This will burn the fat, build muscle, and with the proper nutrition (plenty of protein and veggies) you can tone up, lose weight, and maintain throughout your life!

                                                               ***Introducing Online Training!!***

This is for ANYONE....ANYWHERE!! No need to sign up for a gym membership, you can train in your own home from anywhere in the world! I will train you right over your webcam. You will need very little equipment depending on the individual training you need, and most times we can utilize what you have around your house. You can have fitness and nutrition guidance, stay accountable.... and get great results, for far less than you might think. Email me or call me today to set up an appointment!!

Weight Training & Intensity

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