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FOOD is the biggest part of our daily lives and healthy eating is 80% or more of our success in being slim and healthy.  I believe God's way of eating is best. He gave us delicious fresh fruits and veggies loaded with the necessary vitamins and nutrients to ward off sickness and disease not to mention they are LOW in calories.   Eating these combined with lean meats, (fresh fish especially) NATURAL whole grains and LESS processed foods are the key to being healthy and energized. Typically, the quicker something spoils...the BETTER it is for you! (there are some exceptions) If you are feeling "weighed" down, stressed and have no energy, are you eating food...or toxins? No matter how hard you work in the gym, it doesn't matter if you don't provide the proper fuel to your body. It is CRUCIAL to your success that you eat a proper diet including the RIGHT carbs, proteins and fats as well as deal with portion control. God designed us to both fast AND to feast...just not to feast everyday. Don't like veggies? GET OVER IT! You get one body, one life. Be responsible and take care of it!!  Clients always tell me they don't know WHAT specifically to eat. So, to make it simple,  concentrate on just a few food items at a time. Take the following items below each week and incorporate into your meals and snacks whenever possible.



           PROTEIN of the Week


Cod1 fillet of Pacific cod is loaded with a variety of vitamins and minerals, but is most high in Vitamins B12, and the minerals selenium (thryoid health), iodine (thryoid health) phosphorus (bone strength) choline (liver and nerve health) and potassium not to mention it has a whopping 40 grms of protein    

            Fruit of the week

Avocados: These are often mistaken for vegetables as they are not sweet, however, these fruits are considered a superfood!! One avocado is loaded with vitamins K (blood health) Vitamins C, and B5 and B6, folate (brain and nervous system health)  and the mineral potassium (heart and nerve health). High in the healthy fat oleic acid which helps to reduce inflammation and is beneficial to your heart. Use them mashed up your favorite desserts instead of unhealthy vegetable oil and use with your savory foods paired with eggs or in tacos and fajitas.

            Vegetable of the week 


Asparagus: 1 cup of asparagus contains a load of potassium and iron (blood health)  folate, vitamins K, B1, B12, E, copper.....and the list goes on. There is so much in a serving of asparagus that the anti-oxidant benefits are endless fighting off cancer, not to mention the benefits for  digestion, heart, sugar regulation and anti-inflammatory properties can't be beat. Do not boil off the nutrients...lightly steam or saute with garlic or shallots and salt and pepper. Serve with fish, chicken or boiled eggs. 

            Dessert of the Week(Anyone who knows me personally, knows I LOVE to bake. So, I try to find the best recipes  to eliminate extra fat and sugar whenever possible, yet feed that sweet -especially chocolate- tooth of mine.)

Chocolate Pudding:    

Stop eating the store bought processed pudding and make a pudding loaded with health benefits for you and your kids.



1 cup frozen cherries

1/2 to 1 whole avocado

1  Tbsp of chocolate cocoa powder

1-2 Tbsp raw cane sugar


Mash frozen cherries together and mix in the half or the whole avocado (flavor isn't altered, only the caloric intake) Mix in your chocolate until well mixed.  Start with a Tbsp of sugar but if too bitter add more. 


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