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Have you ever wished that you had more short-term goals along
the way to your long term goals?
Well there's this cool new ranking system called FitRanX and it
is going to help each and every person stay MOTIVATED
with new fitness goals. (Even myself)


FitRanX is the only fitness ranking system used around the
world! It works through fun and
exciting fitness tests to literally get you to the next level of fitness.
There are 8 levels with 3 different age brackets
(16-35, 36-55, and 56+) so everyone can be a part of this.
Level 8 being the utmost best physical shape any one individual
can be in. It tests strength and conditioning and ensures full
body fitness by keeping your upper, lower and core body strength
For those clients that are interested, I will test you when you're ready. When you pass a level, you will get the appropriate color bracelet and certificate. It's fun for clients testing them to see what they can do....and it's fun for me as my clients ALWAYS do MORE than they think they can!


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