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What clients are saying....


"My name is Seth Hampton I have been training with Amber over the last year. I have trained in mixed martial arts for the past 7 years even with this training and weight lifting I have still had issues with keeping weight off and getting that cut that everyone wants. Since I have started training with Amber I haven't had that problem anymore I have dropped 4% in body fat and gained 12 pounds of lean muscle, her workout routines are a challenge and is an awesome change of the usual workouts I am used to. Amber has so much knowledge to get you where you want to be whether you want to cut down and be trimmed for the summer or if your like me and want to cut but also gain mass and break through your weight lifting walls to increase your max out sets. Starting to train with Amber was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I would recommend to everyone to have her train you."


"When I first met Amber I was emotionally and physically lost. I had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in my late twenties and had gained 100 pounds in under a year because of it. I had been struggling for 2 years to lose the weight and had become hopeless. I was embarrassed to go out in public and my body was under consistent stress from all the excess weight. My hair was falling out, I was borderline diabetic, I had developed sleep apnea, had no energy, and I was terrified to even look at myself in the mirror. I felt like I had tried everything when I met Amber and when I asked her if she could help me I had no idea what a lifesaver turning to her would turn out to be.


Working with Amber has been equal parts challenging and rewarding. She is part nutritionist, part therapist, part personal cheerleader. She doesn’t push you, she encourages you. She doesn’t tell you, she teaches you.  In the few months that I have worked with her it still amazes me that when our 30 minutes are up how efficiently she can work me out in that time, make every session different, and that she can still get me to feel muscles I didn’t even know I had. Every time I am done with her I am both exhausted and energized. My favorite thing is that she can still make a session challenging, totally wipe me out and yet I can feel my strength and endurance improving.


I have lost weight, (30 lbs) lost inches, lost many of the side effects of PCOS, and most importantly lost the sense of defeat I had felt for too long when I first came to her. I’m no longer anxious to go out in public and I am able to make eye contact again in the mirror.  I was very nervous and intimidated to start working out with a trainer, but Amber as an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable and safe.  Every session with Amber has given me a boost in my self-esteem and she also has given me the best possible gift to start my 30’s with, and that is hope.

She has given me hope."

Kelley Mae Thomas



​"I have been going to Amber for a couple of months now and  just love the workouts and the education I receive. Not only does she work the muscles in my body, she works the brain. She teaches eating and nutritional  education. Once you learn how to eat, the weight just falls off and Amber beings sculpting your body. Believe me, she knows what she is talking about and I recommend her because she makes the workouts challenging and fun. You won't be disappointed."  Mike Buscemi


"My name is Robert Allen and I am a 54 year old male with a history of heart trouble and horrible eating habits. I was terribly out of shape and never felt good about myself.  My family worried that my dietary habits would have disastrous if not fatal results for me. On November 5th, I asked some of my coworkers who they recommended for training and they recommended Amber Stokes and I consulted with her and started the following week. At the time of beginning, I weighed 231 pounds and could not do much exercise at all. She first explained proper diet to me in a common sense approach that really clicked with me and stressed that proper diet is about 80% of any weight loss and training regimen. I always lost by increasing my exercise and continuing to eat. Since starting with Amber, I have lost 17 pounds my first month and my strength and stamina have increased tremendously. Everyone in my family was astonished over the holidays with how I look. More importantly, I feel with Amber's guidance and support, I have found a plan not just for today, but one that will keep me fit and happy for life. I highly recommend Amber to anyone like myself that has continuously tried and failed on their own and truly desires to get all out of life that you can. She is the greatest. "​


"I originally began training with Amber to gain speed as a runner and to gain muscle tone. After each workout, I feel so much more energized for my family and my children. I never regret a workout! I just had our second child and worked out through the pregnancy with Amber and this helped me to maintain and even increase my strength and to improve my body composition. The fitness I had allowed me to leave the hospital following delivery within a few pounds of my original pre-pregnancy weight. Not only do I workout for myself and for my health, but for my family as I said previously. I believe it is important for parents to be good role models to their children and with the growing obesity epidemic I feel even more strongly about being a good example for my children and this includes eating well and exercising.

Amber pushes me where I wouldn't push myself. I feel healthier because of the addition of her workouts over the last 2 years!"

Leslie Caudill


"Ive been training with Amber for almost a year now and it has been one of the best decisions I've made. I feel better about myself and I have a better mind set with eating habits because I work so hard with her. Training with Amber is hard work but she makes it fun. She keeps me motivated and I am VERY satisfied with the results."

Callie Burgess


"I really enjoy training with Amber. I have been training with her for a little over a year now, and her consistent motivation and advice have been the driving factors in my decision to continue training with her. The workout sessions are well thought out, and specific to my needs. She pushes me for results, but also gives great advice, both for things I can do at home, as well as dietary instruction. I have been able to get the results I desire and continue to maintain a better lifestyle due to her training and advice."

Michelle Urban


​"Sessions with Amber are the highlights of my workout week! She always pushes me to work hard, but keeps things fun with ever-changing workouts. By mixing it up, she makes sure I get the most out of my time at the gym! She is always dependable, knowledgeable and supportive. Ultimately, I trust her. I really feel like she cares as much about my fitness and wellness as I do- and I couldn’t ask for anything better than that!"

Caroline Wooten



"I decided to look for a personal trainer in the area last summer. I am a teacher and my job can get very stressful. Plus, who can resist all those cupcakes for student's birthdays? It was time for me to get back in shape and to also relieve some unwanted stress. That is when I found Amber and I haven't left her since. Amber has a fun personality and is very professional. She has pushed me to get stronger and stronger. I am amazed at what I can do now. I feel less stressed, more confident and happy that I am taking care of my body. I can honestly say I look forward to going to the gym because of Amber.​ Through training I have really gotten to know Amber. Not only is she an amazing trainer but also, she has a strong faith and is an amazing mother. I appreciate all the hard work and time spent by Amber to help me get in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle."

Samanth Culver

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