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If you’re serious about losing weight, gaining strength, looking great in a tiny dress, or simply interested in changing your lifestyle to a healthier one, you need a trainer to help you. It’s sometimes hard to find a balance in our lives, but that’s where I can help. I make it my priority to coach you and push you to your limits and beyond to not only meet your goals but to make your health a priority. It’s not just about physical transformation or abilities but tapping into your mental strengths and showing you how to control what you eat. I strive to show you just what you can accomplish! This learned discipline will take you in all areas of your life… not just in the gym.  Because we are all so different in our lifestyles, abilities and backgrounds, I work with you on an individual basis. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming increase in obesity, adults and sadly even kids are becoming more un-healthy, suffering from type 11 diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue and other problems that can be so easily solved. I want to help reverse this and give people their lives back. I want to help people have a quality of life far beyond what they hoped for. My biggest rule is to stop making excuses. If your circumstances control your life instead of YOU controlling them, then it’s time to make a change.



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As a former athlete in both soccer and track, I have a passion for activity and healthy living, but I'm also a mother who struggles with the same busy, chaotic lifestyle some of you have. I understand what it's like to juggle my career & family, while making workouts a priority and striving to eat healthy while on the "go." I have learned that I am a better mother when I'm healthy and energized and able to keep up with my little ones. I am a certified NASM personal trainer with many years training experience with clients from all walks of life. I take a Biblical approach to eating and I believe in both realistic goals and realistic living. I know that everyone can succeed when they DECIDE to!!

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